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Epcot Theme Park

Epcot® is one of 4 amazing Theme Parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. Epcot® resides on 300 acres of land which is twice the size of Magic Kingdom. The theme park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation; divided into Future World and World Showcase. epcot centerEpcot® is the perfect place to gather with your family and friends to celebrate fascinating cultures and numerous wonders of the world around you through dazzling shows, interactive experiences and amazing attractions. Marvel at the power of the human imagination and set your spirits soaring.

Future World

Future World is full of sensational attractions; all of which focus on technological advancements, innovation and wonder. In Future World, ideas become reality with inspiring entertainment and shows and one of the fastest attractions in all Disney Parks.

The Epcot® theme park icon, Spaceship Earth, looking like a giant golf ball rising high above the horizon, welcomes you as you walk through the Park's main entrance.

World Showcase

The World Showcase is just beyond Future World. World Showcase is a collective of Pavilions that wrap around the World Showcase Lagoon. Be amused by live performers an participate in the shows as you walk through the Pavilions! There is plenty of kid-centric entertainment, like Disney Character meet and greet locations and Kidcot fun stops where kids can create one-of-a-kind souvenirs. At Epcot®, creativity is encouraged, imagination is celebrated and countries are united. Be amazed, inspired, enlightened and entertained!

epcot centerInside each of the Pavilions you'll find shops, attractions and restaurants that represent the culture and cuisine of 11 different countries:

  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Epcot® Theme Park Attractions

Epcot® attractions features Future World (one of the fastest Disney attractions), gentle boat rides and interactive play areas that inspire kids' imaginations. You can also use Disney's FASTPASS system on popular attractions to reduce wait times.


Epcot theme park entertainment is great day or night. You can see live shows, concerts, meet Disney characters, acrobats, fireworks, musicians, mimes, dancers, drummers and comedians.


Epcot® theme park includes quick-service restaurants for fast snacks, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Choose from casual, upscale and character dining experiences, and try a variety of international cuisines at the 11 World Showcase Pavilions.

Epcot® History

Epcot® is an acronym of Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. Disney's original vision of EPCOT was for a model community, home to twenty thousand residents, which would be a test bed for city planning and organization. Disney's vision was not realized as funding and permission to start work on his Florida property would not be granted until he agreed to build the Magic Kingdom first. Disney died before the Magic Kingdom opened and the Walt Disney Company decided that it did not want to be in the business of running a city.